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CrossFTP Enterprise 1.98.5

CrossFTP Enterprise 1.98.5

Its traditional dual-user interface is easy to learn and use. Multi-tab design facilitates you to manage and connect multiple FTP pages simultaneously in a single window. It can transfer, queue, schedule, synchronize, mirror, job management, with speed increasing with turbo multi-threaded motor. CrossFTP’s powerful engine resolves your file transfer problems.

Key Features :

Classic interface
It is delivered in a very easy user interface, featuring local and local file lists classic.
Getting to any place is achieved quickly and there is a possibility to save favorite tracks as bookmarks to reach them quickly. On the same note, the program keeps track of recently accessed sites and contains tab support to work with multiple folders at the same time.
Lots of options under the hood
Unlike other FTP clients, CrossFTP Pro can schedule transfer operations for a list of selected records. Furthermore, the process can be repeatedly run. In this way, there should be some changes in the target locations that they immediately upload to the remote folder.
The application gives the table a large set of tools, and among them is the ability to run a synchronization routine between a remote and a local folder. Also available are options for sharing and merging files as well as verification of CRC control numbers for the selected items.
The list of features contained in the product is quite impressive, besides connecting to FTP servers, it can also be used to retrieve files from Amazon S3 on demand storage, Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Glacier.
There are encryption options for the data to be protected before leaving the customer to keep it safe from the eyes of the eyes.
CrossFTP Pro includes, as expected, all the basic functionality a regular user needs from such software, but it also combines powerful features so that experienced users can use it for advanced operations.

Screen shot :

CrossFTP Enterprise 1.98.5

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