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Glary Disk Cleaner with Full Keygen free Download

Glary Disk Cleaner

When you work with Windows applications or surf the Internet, your computer generates and saves temporary files or other similar information. Glary Disk Cleaner displays detailed scanning results, allowing you to delete your files. It is recommended that you use the disc regularly for optimum performance and speed. You can do this using the Glary Disk Cleaner.

Features Info :

Glary Disk Cleaner Crack can also free up the memory of installed browsers or applications in Windows, other than temp or unnecessary files. You can also add empty files and folders to detect the type of files you want to delete during cleaning.

To prevent unwanted delays, Glary Disk Cleaner lets you create a list of files or files that you want to access in the analysis process.

Before deleting all the data, it recommends that you back up the files you want to delete. If something went wrong, you can reset all files by one click.

Glary Disk Cleaner is a good alternative to a special Windows cleanup utility that allows you to manage extended files for shutdown. In addition to standard categories of data that you need to clear, you can add other installed apps and custom places to watch the program to automatically delete the temporary files you create.

Helps eliminate temporary or unnecessary files and free up memory, not the system optimization.

Screen shot :

Glary Disk Cleaner

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