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Helicon Focus the electronic revolution of the past couple of years left professional photo hardware widely available and very affordable. Now it is the complex technology which makes the gap. Plain single-shots are little by little giving place to more and improved complex technologies such as HDR and EDoF. Now it’s tough to assume micro or macro photography without any attention stacking technique. Professional lovers and photographers trying to maintain with the tendency just take benefit of attention piling to make eye catching graphics. With attention monitoring computer software you are able to create your customary camera leave results which couldn’t be performed despite having a traditional tilt-shift lens. Simply take a few shots at different attention areas as opposed to only one single, and also Helicon Focus begins quickly and neatly unite the heap in to a fully concentrated picture.

Advantages :

  • Accurate rendition of colors
  • Efficient and easy RAW development
  • State-of-the-art processing algorithms
  • Advanced interpolation options

What’s new

Download :

Helicon Focus setup + crack

Helicon Focus setup + keygen

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