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NetBalancer 9.10.6

In NetBalancer, you can track incoming and outgoing traffic in a user-friendly environment. It includes a collection of specific features.At the end of the installation procedure NetBalancer crack automatically restarts web browsers. After the start, a list of active processes is displayed in all key processes.

You can check the download speed, priority, download and download limit, the number of connections, downloaded and uploaded files, file paths, command line, and date created for each process.At the bottom of the panel there is a transport diagram and a list of remote IP Tools  and ports, protocols, states, local IPs and ports, process name, and so on.

You can choose to download and download preference, create rules, reset all traffic, set up network adapters, block all network traffic, and select another language for UI. These are some of the options provided by NetBalancer.

Features :

Priority and limitations:
Set the network priority or limits for any process to download and upload.
Automation support:
Use the various command-line commands and Web APIs for complete automation.
Rules and filters:
Specify detailed traffic rules and filters for maximum control.
Synchronize your computer with the NetBalancer Service and run them on the web control panel.
Password protected:
Save all settings and privileges with a password to prevent unauthorized changes.
Monitoring Processes:
Downloading all system processes and displaying connection levels with download speeds.
Viewing history:
The date of downloading and downloading details for any process associated with the initial NetBalancer installation.
System tray and dashboard:
Display network traffic and other information in the system tray table or on the taskbar toolbar.
Help for IPv6:
It has native IPv6 support for NetBalancer rules and filters.
Tags and public commands:
Add tags to your computer and manage them with bulk commands like Pro.
Different traffic charts and statistics:
See detailed network traffic charts and statistics.
Everything is encrypted:
Everything in our system is encrypted: web sites traffic, synchronized traffic, all internal traffic, passwords, and connections, all zeros and encrypted privacy with TLS and SHA2.

Screen Shot :

NetBalancer 9.10.6


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