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Privacy Cleaner 1.2 MAC OS

Privacy Cleaner 1.2 MAC OS

Privacy Cleaner for Mac OS Download

Privacy Cleaner MAC is designed to protect your privacy by deleting any unwanted data on the Mac. With just one click, Privacy files allow you to delete cache files, browser history, cookies, temporary files, and more.


Web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.): Delete caches, cookies, history, uploads, shapes, recent queries, best sites, latest session data, and more.
Adults History: Remove all adult web browsing history from your web browser (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox).
QuickTime Player: Removing cache, downloading the latest data, quarantine history
Finder: Delete Recent Items, Saved Searches, Download Quarantine History
Preview: Delete Recent Items
Mail downloads
Delete Flash cookies

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Privacy Cleaner 1.2 MAC OS



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